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Hillary Clinton: A Divider, not a Uniter

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USA Today poll finds that most think Hillary is a divisive figure in U.S. politics.
Significantly, fewer people felt compatible with the New York Democrat on values than when she was first lady despite her recent efforts to reach out to moderates and conservatives on health care, abortion and other issues
Meanwhile, Victor Davis Hanson writes on Hillary's attempt to rebrand herself from liberal to centrist.
But as the Democratic Party moved leftward and upward, middle-class Americans below and to the right nevertheless remained distrustful of unearned aristocratic privilege. They don't like, for example, hearing about CEOs finagling multimillion-dollar bonuses from their publicly held companies that have no connection with their own actual performances or the businesses' health.

So Hillary Clinton is now voicing the old Democratic fair deal, without giving too much rope to her fringe zealots, who could hang her in places like Topeka or Memphis with gay marriage, open borders, partial-birth abortion or skedaddling from Iraq.

Inasmuch as Sen. Clinton's transformation for now seems cosmetic and is as yet unmatched by a written agenda that spells out reduced entitlements, low taxes and strong national defense, can Hillary pull it off without seeming entirely cynical?