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Iran has 4,000 uranium-processing centrifuges

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Here we go again. An exiled Iranian claims Iran has 4,000 centrifuges capable of processing weapons-grade uranium.
Under an agreement with the IAEA, Iran had pledged to stop building centrifuges, which can be used to enrich uranium to levels high enough to fuel a nuclear weapon.

Centrifuges also can be used for the peaceful generation of nuclear energy, which Iran insists is its only intention. The United States contends the country is running a covert effort to produce nuclear weapons.

"These 4,000 centrifuge machines have not been declared to the IAEA, and the regime has kept the production of these machines hidden from the inspectors while the negotiations with the European Union have been going on over the past 21 months," Jafarzadeh said in a telephone interview.

Iran on Saturday rejected a package of EU incentives presented by envoys from Britain, France and Germany, and on Monday, it announced it had resumed uranium conversion activities at its nuclear facility at Isfahan.

Jafarzadeh said the centrifuges were manufactured in Isfahan and Tehran, and that construction of buildings, concrete foundations and other work needed to prepare the Natanz facility for centrifuge installation has continued in recent months.

Well, it looks like we have another hostile Persian Gulf government, stonewalling UN investigations while building up their capability to threaten their neighbors and potentially the rest of the world. Sanctions and UN resolutions worked so wonderfully well the last time. Hey, I've got an idea--let's try them again!