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The Abu Zayd Letter

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Intercepted enemy communications. From Blackanthem.
In the letter to al-Zarqawi the author, Abu Zayd, a terrorist operating out of Mosul, complained of the poor leadership in Mosul and mistreatment of foreign fighters.

Abu Zayd informs in his letter to the "Sheikh" that, "This is a clarification of what has become of the situation in Mosul, and it is no secret to you the noticeable decrease in the attacks carried out by the Mujahidin, from not long ago when Mosul was in the hands of the Mujahidin…" Abu Zayd continues by listing the multiple reasons why the "Mujahidin" have been less effective recently.

Abu Zayd claims that the Mosul Emirs are incompetent; attacks lack diversity; suicide bombings are focused more on quantity and not quality; those who are in the network are disobedient; a legitimate organization in Mosul does not exist; collaboration between the Emirs is lacking; "Muslim money" is squandered on petty expenses; numerous security violations occur; "inaccurate and blurred" updates to the Sheikh are reported; and foreign fighters endure "deplorable" conditions to include lack of pay, housing problems and marginalization.

Similar complaints to the "Sheikh" regarding lack of leadership were found in a letter written by a known terrorist cell leader who fought in Fallujah. Multi-National forces found this letter, authored by Abu Asim al-Qusaymi al-Yemeni and dated Apr. 27, during a raid in Baghdad in May.

Abu Zayd proposed a few solutions to the many problems he outlined to include a warning that if focus and pursuit of development is not provided to Mosul, "…the fall of Mosul in the hands of the Mujahidin is possible, and because it relieves the pressure off the other cities such as Al-Qa’im, Tal’afar."

Remember this the next time you see another "we're losing in Iraq" news article. Via Chrenkoff.