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The Commission that wouldn't die

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The 9/11 Commission (yes, the 9/11 Commission) throws a hissy fit when Administration tells them that the material they're asking for is already out there, go find it yourselves.
The requests came not from the disbanded commission, which was created by Congress and had subpoena powers, but from its shadow group, which the members call the 9/11 Public Discourse Project. It was established by the members of the Sept. 11 commission when the panel formally went out of business last August, shortly after releasing a unanimous report that called for an overhaul of the nation's counterterrorism agencies.
These folks acted like bozos during the Commission hearings, but want to continue to pretend that they're "bipartisan."
They would like to do so by reaching out, in bipartisan pairs, to communities around the country, encouraging a national conversation on these critical issues. In the absence of such an effort, they are concerned that there will be insufficient public examination of how the lessons learned from the terrorist attacks can be used to shape public policy.
And a special hello to partisan hacks Richard Ben-Veniste and Jamie S. "Intelligence Wall" Gorelick.