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Goodbye, Greymatter

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This weekend, Medary.com will say goodbye to the Greymatter content/blogging system and introduce a brand new look to the site.

I've got the new Geeklog software configured to the point where I can start converting our site content, then finish up with some of the other stuff (like figuring out how to display the Google advertising bar and the Amazon donation button). It's a bit awkward as I'm doing some fiddling and fudging between the two sites on the same server, and can't have them both available on the web at the same time without doing things I don't want to do.

The current bulletin board will go away, and it looks like the links page will be transformed as well. Both are actually OK, as the bulletin board wasn't going anywhere, and I was never particularly happy with the links page. The new software actually has some combined blog/bulletin board function, so I think that will overall be an improvement. Downside is those of you who registered on the bulletin board will need to re-register on the site once the migration is complete.

So, coming to a Web near you, Medary.com v2.0.